20″X30″, watercolor pencils

The idea/inspiration behind this work:
I’m fascinated how in science as we make more and more discoveries about our universe, there seem to be more questions that arise. Specifically, I’m very interested in the study of other dimensions, e.g. the 3D world we live in, but also, time, and ALL the other unseen things going on around us…that we are unaware of, yet are happening. I’ve read and heard about how many scientists believe there could be a lot more dimensions than what we perceive now. The mysteries of the human body, black holes, the study of Anti/dark-matter and the huge questions of where 90% of the universe’s mass is, seem to point to this concept that there are other dimensions that we just test for…yet.

I played off of Leonardo’s: Study of Man to symbolize a lot of the mysteries of the human body – especially, the concept of how rare intelligent life is or any life for that matter. The unique issue of how the human mind, brain and body all work together for each person and the question if there is something more to that whole process? Is human life/biology JUST a bunch of chemical and electrical impulses? Do emotions (such as Love) point to a type of evidence that we simply can’t test for?

I saw a documentary about deep sea vents off the coast of Chili, and how its a 100% zero light environment at the bottom of the ocean, and yet life is flourishing in total darkness because of one type of bacteria/extremafile that is able to pull surfer out of the water (that is super hot). A whole mini ecosystem of life – 6ft big tube worms, crabs, shrimp and other things all living in this harsh zero light environment. It was fascinating to me because this has been going on for a while now at the bottom of the ocean and nearly everyone was unaware of it and yet now we know that life can exist in a 0 light environment. Some scientists even think that life has the potential of living in liquid oceans on other planets because of this evidence.

Showing the Earth and sun symbolizing the huge dynamics that are essential for life to exist on Earth. Apparently if Earth would have been closer or father away from the Sun, we would be cooked or frozen. Additionally, because of the orbit and motion of our planet in our solar system, Earth’s iron core spins causing a magnetic field/shield to be project in space around our planet effectively shielding us from a lot of our Sun’s harmful solar radiation. The Ozone layer helps prevent a lot of harmful Ultraviolet light from reaching the Earth. All of these factors combined help life be able to exist on Earth.

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