I am an artist. I love looking for an original idea, a new way of thinking, and seeing the beauty in things. Creativity and humor are important to me and I do what I can to facilitate an environment that have these present. I draw my inspiration from the people I meet and various events in my life. It is my goal not to just keep seeing that the glass is half full, but rather to find the source of the water that is filling the glass.

I am a High School Art Teacher in the Ephrata School District In Washington State. I enjoy teaching and the energy that kids bring with them wherever they go. As an adult it is important for us to recognize the power we have and just how much we influence our youth. It is my hope, that in my small way I will positively impact my students and help facilitate a better future.

Much of my artwork is inspired by my faith in God. The Bible has been a life-changing force in my life. My artwork pulls from famous Biblical people, imagery, and personally significant sections of the Bible. I look for meaning and power when considering an idea to illustrate and for me, nothing compares to my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. Not all of my artwork has a blatant Christian theme, however, my faith flavors all aspects of my life, and my artwork is no exception. I am honored that you have taken the time to learn a little bit more about me. God bless.